About Me

I specialise in the niche area of systems modelling and simulation. I have spent over three years at Transport for London in the Technical Strategy and Systems Performance Engineering function, specialising in complex systems modelling and simulation. Prior to Transport for London, I spent three years working on Fuel Injection Systems R&D at Delphi Automotive.

I am a Chartered Engineer with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. I have an MSc from Brunel University (2017) and my dissertation on “Modelling Railway System Capacity with Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning and Discrete-Event Simulation” can be viewed here. I also have a BEng (Hons.) in Mechanical Engineering and my dissertation on “Structural Dynamic Analysis of a Mountain Bike Frame” can be viewed here.

Last but not least, I love all things health and fitness. I am passionate about strength training and I also enjoy skiing, rock climbing and mountain biking. I have also played fullback in rugby on and off since I was 12 at various levels.